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Disfigured fiends,
With sadistic schemes,

Have got it out for the woman of my dreams.
I’m a helpless mess,
Damsel in distress.

Caught staring at the symbol on her chest.

You chose me,
Out of these,

Sea of klutzes come triple amputees .
Of all your time. 

While I dance here amongst the landmines.

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We had mustache Monday at work and

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Album Art

But don’t slow down,
And don’t let go,
Hold me closer now.

They say I don’t know how to love the right way,

But you make me feel,
You make me feel like I do.

You can take everything I have,
Just don’t leave my side no,
Don’t leave my side.

Cause your words hit like a train,
And I can’t ignore it.
This moment could be our last.
You fall in love, 
And I’m running after.
You move way too fast.

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